A more sophisticated high end product which is recommended after you have been married, or intend to keep a particular man. This is not a daily dosage, depending on the demand for its effectiveness, it can be used either bi-annually or annually. It is called « gindin ayu » this is made from a particular water animal which is extremely difficult to find and very expensively sold when caught because of its multiple benefits. The « ayu » is a particular animal found in water which is very hard to describe, it is not a fish and only found in fresh waters. It has very peculiar mating habits in the sense that when it comes in contact with a female, it stays glued to her vagina for weeks and sometimes even months to no end, and when they finally let go of each other he will seek no other female but her..alas! what is prepared from that « gindin ayu » does the same thing to your spouse. He/she will find no other partner as sexually appealing, sweet, and gratifying as you. The effect can result to extreme possessiveness, high sexual and physical contacts which cannot be satisfied by any other person except you. You have to be really sure you want to do this and are married before you will be given it.


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