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Aminat’s Secrets Waist beads are very important in the life of an African woman waist beads are our culture; others say it is part of the weapons used by co-wives to compete in their matrimonial houses.Some also say that it is a weapon of seduction used by women to attract the opposite sex. Whatever the case maybe, waist beads are things that are loved and cherished by women in Africa. Another reason is to give shape and texture to the waist.
After so much research I was told that wearing waist beads adds beauty and taste to a woman’s sexual life in her matrimonial home. Waist beads may look small to us, but small as it is; it is powerful enough to grab a man’s attention. When a woman wears waist beads around her waist, each step taken is accompanied by a sound that directs itself to the man she is yearning for and any other man who is lucky enough to hear the sound.

Aminat’s secret waist beads evoke that sexual appetite in men. Why waste your time on man-made methods of seduction when you can have a natural means……? Aminat’s Secret waist beads are the best weapons for seducing a man. Back in those days, a woman’s beauty is counted based on the beads she wore around her waist. The more beads one wears, the better definition it gives to your waist when walking. Aminat’s Secret beads are soaked in the traditional water incense; and prayed on then wear it around their waist and use it in a romantic encounter to entice men. Aminat’s secrets beads are beautiful, shiny and classy and can handle any man. It’s not fetish and be careful who you use the beads on because he will be attached.


Process of the beads take approximately six weeks we require a deposit for the processing of the gold & pearls


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